Fit im Schritt !
Safer Work for Sexworker

Multilingual Training Videos produced by the Peer to Peer Workshop Group" at Hydra. e.V. Berlin, 2014

Drawings by Anna Peak

Animations and Film/DVD Design by Mano Krach


Berlin Peer to Peer Workshops - by colleagues for colleagues! 

A diverse group of sex workers offers workshops in Berlin brothels which are based on the sharing of knowledge and group counseling amongst sex workers.
The topics we talk about are diverse and cover many aspects of our work.
The workshops are offered in different
languages: German, English, Spanish, Bulgarian.
For other languages translation can be organized. At the workshops we
also use the "Fit im Schritt"-videos as training videos and basis for discussions about safer work strategies.



Fit im Schritt -

Fit im Schritt -
Safer Work for Sex Workers

Fit im Schritt -
Gesundes Arbeiten für SexarbeiterInnen

Fit im Schritt -
безопасна работа за проституиращи

Fit im Schritt -
De lucru mai sigur pentru prostituate