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Mano Krach

1980 GDR

I am a he-she, a nonbinary, a misfit.
White bodied, queer with working class background.
I have a lower secondary school cert and an art diploma.
I live with invisibel disabilities.
I am brokenhearted. Wounded. Seeking for liberation.
I believe: another world is possible. A world that works for all.
I couldn't survive this world at this moment, without regularly dipping into the very cold water of a lake. I am deeply connected to birds and trees. 

I have undergone intensive further training in recent years:
  • Nonviolent communication integrating a systemic lens of power and privilege
  • Mindfulness and somatic-based methods
  • Trauma-informed approaches in social justice work
  • Conflict, communication and decision-making processes in groups  

I am deeply influenced by the work of:

I want to make something visible:
I would like to thank all the people and initiatives who, through their pricing policy and support, make it possible for people with little money to take part in their trainings and courses. A very large proportion of the trainings listed here would otherwise not have been accesible for me.

Trainings / Weiterbildungen

Weaving Togetherness:
Supporting Liberation while
Facilitating Conflict Processes

4 Module Course
NVC Academy / Miki Kashtan, Aurélia Saint-Just & Alper Süzer

Psychological First Aid (PFA)

5 Module Course  
Focusing Iniatives International / Pat Omidian and Anne Willman

Nonviolent Communication for Liberation

8 Week Course
Nonviolent Global Liberation Network

Trauma-Informed Women in Leadership-
Resourcing and Relatedness for Collective Restoration

10 Module Course
Pocket Project / Kosha Joubert, Deb Dana, Rola Hallam and more

Trauma - Systems Level Somatics Training 

4 Days Training Retreat
organised by: Esmat Ahmadian / hugo x tibiriçá / Anna Hoffmann
Facilitator: Parneet Chohan

Embodied Conflict Resolution

25 Hours Online Certification Program
Embody Lab / Kai Cheng Thom

Responding to the Call of Our Times:
A Leadership Coaching Program 2023

11 Months Course / Weekly
NVC Academy / Miki Kashtan and Guests

The Body Is a Doorway -
Deep Ecology and Deep Healing

4 Module Course
Science and Nonduality Institute / Sophie Strand

Liberation for All:
Integrating a Power and Privilege Lens
into Basic NVC Training

4 Module Course
NVC Academy / Miki Kashtan

Europäisch sein: Binaritäten und Begehren

- Trennungen und Wiedervereinigungen – auf der Suche nach Heilung
3 Days Workshop
Myzelium Projekt / Tsepo Bollwinkel

The Wandering, Winding Way of the Wound

or the Politics of Cure,
the Shadows of Harm Reduction,
and Transgressive Networks of Care at World End
4 Module Course
Science and Nonduality Institute /
Bayo Akomolafe, Sophie Strand, Tyson Yunkaporta,
and Vanessa Machado de Oliveira Andreotti

Embodiment Social Justice Certificate Program

50 Hours Course
Embody Lab  / Dr. Sara King, Rev. angel Kyodo williams Roshi & Dr. Rae Johnson

Training in Achtsamkeit und Meditation seit 2021

Tonglen Meditation -
Meeting difficult emotions with an open heart

weekly since 2021
Liberated Life Network / Willi Farrales

Half Day Sit

monthly since 2021
Rev angely Kyodo williams Roshi


Daily Practise from May 2021 till end of 2022
Liberated Life Network / Rev angel Kyodo williams Roshi

im Zen buddhistischem Zentrum Schwarzwald

4 Wochen Aufenthalt
ZBZS / Tatsudo Nicole Baden Roshi

More than one democracy -

Training und Studium der Methode 2021-2023

“Betzavta - Together” is a facilitation method developed by the Adam Institute for Democracy and Peace

Ausbildung Betzavta- Trainer_in

Oktober 2022 bis April 2023 / 16-tägige Ausbildung
pokubi e.V. / Kerstin* Knye, Marett Katalin Klahn,
Jenny Wilke, Şeydâ Buurman-Kutsal

Ausbildung Betzavta- Trainer_in

März 2022 / Modul 1 / 5 Tage
Villa Fohrde / Elisabeth Zschache und Ketie Saner

Macht- und Diskriminierungskritische Moderation von Betzavta

April 2022 / 3 Tage
Gustav Stresemann Institut / Marett Katalin Klahn

How to cofacilitate on the topics
of democracy and peace

März 2023 / 6 Module Course
Adam Institute for democracy and peace / Uki Maroshek-Klarman and Saber Rabi

Betzavta - Begegnung zwischen afghanischer und deutscher Community

Mai 2022 / 3 Tage
pokubi e.V. / Uki Maroshek-Klarman, Lutfullah Amiri

Betzavta - Klimagerechtigkeit und Demokratie

Februar 2023 / 3 Tage
Villa Fohrde / Stuhlkreisrevolte

Basiskurs Betzavta

Juni 2022 / 5 Tage
Villa Fohrde / Stuhlkreisrevolte

Basiskurs Betzavta

April und August 2022 / 6 Tage
pokubi e.V.

Basiskurs Betzavta

Oktober und November 2021 / 6 Tage
pokubi. e.V.


Aktuell Meister*nnenstudium

bei Prof. Christin Lahr in der Klasse
“Künstlerisches Handeln und Forschen”
Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig

2018 Diplom Bildende Kunst

Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig

2002 Hauptschulabschluss
externe Prüfung