the power of listening

exploring deep listening and interdependence
during difficult times

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Further Information for the workshops

The Workshop will take place on the floor of the room.
We will set up our little camps for this. This means that all participants will bring a mat, cushion and blanket and make themselves comfortable.

By journeying into our inner realms and moving in rather unusual forms of behavior and communication, we will enter a space that may confront us with the unexpected and sometimes difficult.
It is good to be aware of this.

The setting of the workshop is based on slowing down and mindfulness. This will support us not only to perceive the emerging processes but also to absorb and process them.
There will be quiet time and space for contemplation and reflection. There will be time for sharings and dialogue. Sometimes a lecture or a poem. We will move. We will sit or lie down. Breathe. Maybe someone will fall asleep.

If you realize that you don't want to take part in something or need a break in between, you can do so at any time. Self-care is an active contribution to the workshop.

Organizational matters
The entire seminar will take place on the floor of the room. We will set up our small camp for this.
This means that all participants will bring a mat, pillow, blanket and make themselves cozy.
If required, a chair can also can also be used.

The rooms are wheelchair accessible.
If you would like to participate with your wheelchair, please let me know in advance. There are certainly a few things to consider and discuss.

There will be a tea/coffee station.
Otherwise, self-catering applies.

Comfortable and warm clothes please!
Notebooks and pens for your notes but also for occasional writing reflections.

No computers and smartphones in use during the workshop.

Room preperation
The rooms that are available to us have to be prepared before each workshop weekend.
Sweeping, wiping, clearing tables, etc.
I need 4 people to help me with this for a maximum of 2 hours on the Friday before. This is very important.
Without this support the workshop cannot take place. 
After your registration for the workshop there is a possibility to sign in for this.

Workshop Languages
The workshop will be held in a mix of German and English.
The content inputs comes in the form of text, audio or guided meditations. These are usually in English. The English is accessible in most cases and not academic vocabulary.
Depending on the mix of people, there will be a focus on English with selective translation into German or vice versa.
With your registration please indicate in which languages you can communicate.

Forsome of us it is still very important not to get corona. But other colds are also contagious and usually come at the wrong time and hit the immune system.
So if you are ill, please rest and stay home.
Please do a corona test before the workshop.
There will be hand sanitizer available at the tea station.

The workshops are not financially supported. Participation is generally free of charge. However, there are costs for materials and transportation. To cover these costs, I ask for a donation of 15 to 25 euros per person. Those who help with setting up beforehand are welcome to give less or nothing.

Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig

The workshop is organised and run by
Mano Krach 
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Registration and contact

Workshop “Listening to your self”
registration deadline:  1. April 2024

Workshop “Listening to the space between us”
registration deadline: 14. April 2024

Participants: 14  

Email for registration:
subject: the power of listening / workshop name

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